BRC Servo Drive
  • 20-150VDC 20A brushed DC servo drive.
  • Step/Dir input compatible with Mach3.
  • Low cost open frame design.
  • High efficiency. Minimal heatsinking required.
  • 14 LED indicators for easy setup and diagnostics.
  • Configure with standard mini-B USB cable.
  • Easy tuning with free Tuna™ software for Windows.
  • Smooth silent operation. No dithering.
  • Latest control algorithms. Dual 32bit ARM CPUs.
  • Voltage, current and temperature alarms.
  • High noise immunity with isolated control circuitry.
  • Free worldwide shipping for 3+ units.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia to IEC/EN 61800-5-1.

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Advanced Control Algorithms

  • Supports modified PI-D (PIV) algorithm.
  • Dedicated 32 bit ARM control board CPU with double precision floating point motion calculations.
  • Command velocity improvement with glitch filter, sliding filter and noise filter.
  • Frequency and 1/T command velocity estimation with automatic transition.
  • Velocity and acceleration feed forward with time shifting.
  • Stiction (static friction) and reversal compensation.
  • Supports all combinations of metric and imperial hardware. Automatic calculation of electronic gearing and step multiplying with no loss of precision.
  • Abnormal condition detection like saturation, following error and encoder fault.

Easy Setup and Operation

  • Standard step and direction input supports popular CNC programs like Mach3.
  • All control signals are isolated from power circuitry.
  • Easy drive commissioning with free Tuna software for Windows via USB.
  • 14 LED indicators show all I/O states without multimeters or oscilloscopes. Signals too fast or short to be seen are "shifted" into the visible range.
  • In-built waveform generator creates tuning waveforms such as trapezoid and S-profile.
  • Easy parameter configuration. Values can be keyed in directly or + and - keys can be used for live "nudging" of tuning values.
  • Six channel scope with pan and zoom for easy waveform analysis.
  • Digital readouts on command and motor positions.
  • Real time statistical motor position error analysis and charting over multiple time intervals.
  • Automatic saving of values.
  • Ability to assign drive axis names and connect multiple drives at the same time.

Advanced Power Stage

  • Under and over voltage monitoring and alarms. User adjustable current limit from 5 to 20A. Current limiting alert.
  • High efficiency MOSFET bridge. Typical applications do not require a dedicated heatsink. Steel control cabinet wall mounting is normally sufficient.
  • Dedicated 32 bit ARM CPU for power stage.
  • Silent operation. No singing or dithering.
  • Optional power saving mode significantly reduces drive and motor losses with no effect on performance.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Intelligent overload protection.
  • Snubber circuit across motor output with additional snubbers on power rail.
  • Thermal monitoring of heatsink with audible warning and shutdown.
  • High efficiency DC-DC converter supplies power stage with negligible losses and spread-spectrum frequency for reduced EMI.
  • Power stage is isolated from control circuitry and earth.