BBB Breakout
Easy to use four axis LPT breakout board with VFD support for air and water cooled spindle motors.
  • 4 Axis support for Step/Dir servo and stepper drives.
  • VFD support. Both analogue 0-10V and PWM.
  • Standard LPT parallel port w/buffered I/O lines.
  • Charge pump or simple enable support.
  • E-Stop switch support.
  • Limit switch support, both mechanical and inductive.
  • Four 250V 5A general purpose relays.
  • Three opto-isolated inputs for Touch probe etc.
  • 11 LED indicators to simplify setup.
  • Digital noise filtering on all control lines.
  • 32 bit ARM CPU with safety interlock logic.
  • Dimensions 93mm x 79mm x 19mm.

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